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Water Monitoring

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An aerial photo from 2004 shows a dramatic difference in water quality between the west and east sides of Albert Lea Lake. This photo was taken above the “narrows” by Big Island. The District is establishing a baseline of data to determine the levels and sources of contaminant's, such as phosphorus, which fuels algae blooms.

The Shell Rock River Watershed District monitors the water quality of four lakes (9 sites) and 18 stream sites as well as 2 city stormwater sites:

  • Pickerel Lake
  • White Lake (Lake Chapeau)
  • Fountain Lake
  • Albert Lea Lake


  • Shoff/Arena Creek Road
  • Mud/County Road 71
  • Bancroft Creek
  • Eastgate/Goose Lake
  • Wedge Creek
  • Fountain Lake Dam
  • Shell Rock River at County Road 19 bridge
  • Shell Rock River at Glenville
  • Peter Lund Creek
  • Unnamed stream at I-90

View Downloads: Water Monitor Reports


Lake Water Quality Improvement


The District is planning improvement projects for Pickerel, White (Chapeau) and Fountain lakes.

Pickerel Lake is the highest elevation lake in the watershed, meaning it’s the first in the local chain of lakes. Water flows north out of Pickerel into Fountain, which then flows into Albert Lea Lake, the head waters of the Shell Rock River. Because it affects water quality downstream, the Pickerel Lake Subwatershed is the first project area for the District. The DNR is planning a reclamation of Pickerel Lake to control carp and raise game fish. The District is assisting by implementing storm water retention systems to slow down and filter rainwater.

White Lake (Lake Chapeau) also flows into Fountain Lake, and is the District’s second project area.

The District has a Fountain Lake Subcommittee, which started meeting in 2006 to draft a Water Management Plan.