Cost Share and Incentive Program

Funded 2024 Cost-Share and Incentive Program - $1,000

The Shell Rock River Watershed District Incentive and Cost-Share Program has been funded to develop and implement the goals and objectives of the District’s 10-year plan. The District has approved funding for the Best Management Practice listed below. The purpose of this BMP is to maintain and improve the hydrologic, water quality and educational goals of the watershed plan. The BMP has been prioritized for its impact on the resource and the efficiency of taxpayer contributions. For additional assistance please call our Office Phone: 507-377-5785.

Rain Barrels: Dimensions: 24″D x 24″W x 32″H, Total Volume: 45 Gallon, 100% recycled plastic

Purpose: To reduce storm water run-off, erosion, and flooding.

Cost-Share Payment Criteria: 

1.  Rain barrel cost $84.00

2.  $10 cost share with the purchase of a rain barrel  

3.  Cost share will not exceed $10 per barrel/3 barrels per customer.

4.  Payment made upon receiving the application, receipt of rain barrel purchase, review of SRRWD Staff and approval by the Board of Managers.

Eligibility:   Citizens within the SRRWD District Boundaries

Matching Program: None

Projected Yearly Goal:  100 rain barrel incentives   

For additional assistance please call: 507-377-5785.


Fall is a good time to clean your rain barrel. Rain barrels should be stored in a garage or shed for the winter.

  • Drain the barrel completely.
  • Remove any debris in the barrel.
  • Use a long-handled brush to scrub the inside of the barrel with water and detergent. Rinse with clean water. 
  • Store your rain barrel upside down or covered over the winter. Remove the hose and screen and store them in a garage or shed. Make sure your rain barrel is empty as any water left in the barrel may freeze, expand and crack your rain barrel. 

Without a rain barrel in place, you’ll want to attach a temporary extension to your downspout to direct any snowmelt or early rains away from your house and sidewalks.


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