Fountain Lake

Fountain Lake is 521 acres in size and is located in the City of Albert Lea. Fountain Lake collects water from 51,200 upland acres and its shoreline is predominantly developed. The max depth for Fountain Lake is 14 feet while the mean lake depth is 6 feet. The discharge of Fountain Lake flows over the dam, into a channel and then flows to Albert Lea Lake. Fountain Lake is rather odd in shape and has many bays. The northern most bay is called Bancroft Bay. This bay is relatively shallow with depths around 2 feet. Near Bancroft Bay is Bancroft Bay Park and Tall Grass Disc Golf Course. A channel connects the main lake and Bancroft Bay and a public boat landing, community boat house and Brookside Park are located here. The western most bay, Edgewater Bay, connects to the main bay under the Hatch Bridge. A second public boat landing is located here. Edgewater Bay is home to South Edgewater Park, Lakeview Park and is where the Albert Lea Ski Club performs. The southern bay, Danes Bay, connects Shoff Park to Fountain Lake. The main bay has many features including two islands: Katherine Island and Dress Island, and many parks including Fountain Lake Park, Pioneer Park, New Denmark Park, Fountain Lake Park, and the City Beach Park. The Fountain Lake main waterbody also boasts the iconic fountains and mermaid. Like Albert Lea Lake, Fountain Lake has also had a winter aeration system in place since the early 1980’s to prevent the lake from fish kills.

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