Albert Lea Lake

Albert Lea Lake covers 2,669 acres and collects drainage from 89,500 upland acres. The max depth for Albert Lea Lake is 5.5 feet and the mean depth is 3.5 feet.  A University of Minnesota Study found that Albert Lea Lake has been a shallow water body for several hundred years and probably has been shallow for at least the past 5,000 years. This lake was once known as a wildlife mecca in the 1800’s. Travelers came from as far as New York to hunt and fish its waters thus receiving the name, New York Point.   Albert Lea Lake has many special features including the Myre-Big Island State Park, the Interstate 35 Bridge, three public boat landings, a canoe/kayak rental station, the Pelican Breeze Touring Boat, a game refuge, and a new dam that provides drawdown capabilities and an electric fish barrier. Since 2002, Albert Lea Lake has had an emergency aeration system that can help lessen the lake from having a winter fish kill.

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