Watershed Board Awards Bid for Flood Mitigation Project

The Shell Rock River Watershed District board awarded a bid for the Stables area flood mitigation project Tuesday morning.

The bid was awarded to Sorensen Brothers, an excavating contractor, for about $1.08 million during the board's meeting.

The project involves taking excess rainwater and storing it upstream from Fountain Lake. District officials are looking at constructing a large storm water basin south of the city transfer station on the north side of Albert Lea, on city property.

The Albert Lea City Council approved a joint powers agreement last month for the project.

The project will be paid for through state funding and the half-cent sales tax. Storm water piping will run from the Stables area at a collection point where the water will be placed into the flood mitigation basin. The Stables area covers an approximately 438-acre area southwest of the transfer station.

Construction is anticipated to begin this year with completion in fal12016.

"We're looking at reducing flooding impacts throughout the city of Albert Lea and our local lakes," said District Director of Field Operations Andy Henschel last month."We're trying to hold some more flood waters upstream from the lake to try to reduce the water level bounce in our lakes."

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