Goose Lake Fish Barrier 2014

As part of the Goose Lake Reclamation, a fish barrier was installed on Goose Creek. The Goose Lake fish barrier was installed during the winter of 2014-15 and is located on Green Lea Golf Course. This barrier will control carp in Goose Lake by preventing the upstream migration. Carp like to spawn in warm, shallow lakes like Goose Lake, so preventing their movement from Fountain Lake to Goose Lake will eliminate this breeding ground.

Carp and other bottom-feeding fish uproot and consume rooted aquatic vegetation and disturb and re- suspend phosphorus rich sediments. The resulting increase in turbidity reduces light penetration, which discourages new native aquatic vegetation growth. The direct result of the project will be improved aquatic habitat, waterfowl nesting, breeding and feeding habitat, and improved water quality and clarity in Goose Lake and Fountain Lake.

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