Pollution Prevention Program 2004-2014

The Shell Rock River Watershed District worked with Freeborn County to bring Individual Sewage Treatment Systems (ISTS) within the District, focusing on the 1,000 foot corridor along shoreland, into compliance with local and state laws. The purpose of this ISTS plan was to implement the goal of “preventing contamination of ground and surface water from the improper design, installation, location, use or maintenance of ISTS.”

The SRRWD notified property owners that their septic system needed to be inspected because either:

1. No sewer permit for the property is on file with Freeborn County, as required by law; or

2. The property is located in a shoreland district and more than 5 years have passed since the last sewer inspection.

The District first started this project in 2007 and it was assisted with a cost share program. Residents that were selected to have an ISTS compliance inspection would receive $100 dollars back for the compliance check. The end result of the compliance inspection would determine if the sewer system was compliant, an imminent health threat, or failed separation. If the system was compliant, the residents were could keep the compliance inspection for their records. If the inspection proved to be imminent health threat or failed separation, a new system would have to be installed.

The District focused on one township per year and completed the program in 2014. The results of the program: 374 compliant, 312 imminent health threats and 430 failed separations.

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