Rain Barrels 2010

Rain carries many pollutants from rooftops, driveways, streets and yards into storm sewers, which all drain to local lakes. Those pollutants include nutrients that fuel algae blooms and soil that muddies up the water, along with oil and gasoline. Stormwater is a major sources of pollutants for recreational waters because all stormwater in Albert Lea drains to Chapeau, Pickerel, Fountain, Goose and Albert Lea Lake.

Rain barrels are one way that residents can conserve water and prevent pollution. The barrels typically hold 55 to 80 gallons of water. People can then use that water for flowers, vegetable gardens, and houseplants. Or, they can attach an irrigation hose to the barrel for watering lawns.

Who should use a rain barrel? Everyone! An 80 gallon rain barrel, if emptied regular, can capture 3,275 gallons of water per year from one side of a house. If every household in Albert Lea used one rain barrel, that would capture 26.6 million gallons of water!

Rain barrels are still available at the SRRWD District Office for $84.00. If you live in the watershed, you receive a $10 cost share for the purchase of each rain barrel.

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