Pioneer Park Restoration

Located on land owned by the City of Albert Lea along Fountain Lake, the project is designed to restore the lakeshore, prevent future degradation, and improve lake habitat with the installation of woody structures.  Nearly all fish species utilize woody habitat for at least one portion of their life cycle.  "Fish Sticks" projects are intended to restore woody habitat in lakes by adding trees to the near-shore area.  Fish Sticks structures are anchored to the shore and are partially or fully submerged near the shoreline of the lake.  

The placement of Fish Sticks structures in lakes may be done at any time of the year, except it is not recommended from March 1 through June 15 to minimize adverse impacts on fish movement, fish spawning, and egg incubation periods. There are different considerations when placing structures in open water versus on top of the ice, such as how to place and anchor the trees in the lake. It is recommended to plan the placement of Fish Sticks structures on top of the ice when possible. When the ice melts in spring, the trees drop into the water where they are anchored to the shoreline.

Financing for this project is made possible from the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council.

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