Adopt a Drain!

Here in Albert Lea, nearly all our storm drains lead to our lakes. Unlike sewer systems, these drains don’t have filtration and cleaning mechanisms, meaning that anything that goes into a storm drain eventually makes its way to a body of water. Debris such as leaves, dirt, grass clippings, salt, and litter make lakes unsightly and unhealthy. Leaves and grass release phosphorus, which can cause harmful algae blooms, while excess sediment can reduce the depth and clarity of a waterbody.

A simple way to reduce water pollution is to stop these materials from entering a storm drain in the first place. You can help do this by adopting a nearby storm drain! Simply sign up here, name your storm drain if you’d like, and then periodically clean the debris out from around your drain.
It’s that easy!


Getting Started:

1. Check out our map of all the storm drains in Albert Lea here

2. Choose a storm drain near your home, work, or school, and click on it to find the Drain ID (bold number at top)

3. Then, use your chosen Drain ID to sign-up here (note that the map doesn’t immediately update. Give staff a few days to input your information)

You’re done! Get out there and clean up that drain! Be sure to tell your friends and neighbors as well.
For more information, check out the infographic at the bottom of the screen created by Hamline University. 


Want to do more?

Starting in Spring 2019, Shell Rock River Watershed District will have storm drain stenciling kits available for checkout.  It includes all the tools needed to label storm drains with the important message that drains lead to water. Help educate your community with this fun volunteer opportunity!

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