Pet Waste Stations 2010

Fountain Lake and the Blazing Star Bike Trail are two of the many focal points for the City of Albert Lea and Freeborn County. As many as 200 to 500 people walk around Fountain Lake and on the Blazing Star Bike Trail during a weekday and on the weekends that number can reach into the 1000’s. The City of Albert Lea was the first to participate in the Blue Zones Community Transformation Project in 2009, promoting good nutrition and exercise to add years to your life span. As a result of the program walking//biking paths have been added and improved around Fountain Lake. The SRRWD is responsible for looking at all the possibilities to help improve the water quality within the watershed, which includes pet waste contamination control. Pet waste is one of the contributors of non-point source pollution that contributes to our water quality problems.

The installation of 12 Pet Waste Stations were installed around these walking paths and was made possible by the SRRWD, the City of Albert Lea and donations from ITC Midwest, the Lakes Foundation and Freeborn County Bike Trail Association.

Did you know that pet waste is more than smelly and unsightly; it is a health risk to pets and people, especially children? When it rains, pet waste left on trails, sidewalks, and grassy areas can wash into the nearest creek or lake. The bacteria, parasites, and viruses in pet waste can harm water quality and anyone who comes in contact with it. An average sized dog dropping contains 3 billion fecal coliform bacteria. It also contains nutrients that increase the growth of nuisance algae in our waterways.

As a community we could help reduce these affects by:

  • Bringing a plastic bag with you when walking your dog
  • Look for Pet Waste Stations, follow directions on the dispenser box and throw the bag in the trash
  • Remove pet waste from your yard


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