Main Street Stormwater Park 2009

Localized flooding in Albert Lea over the past several years created the need for smart land and stormwater management. The SRRWD worked in collaboration with the City of Albert Lea, Earth Wizards, and Emmons and Oliver Resources to create the Main Street Stormwater Park.

The park incorporated several stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) in order to capture and filter storm water to minimize local flooding. Water was diverted from overloaded storm sewers and routed through a settling pond, prairie

meadow, and floodplain forest. The creation of new topography and addition of natural vegetation slows, soaks up, and cleans the runoff.

Various stormwater BMPs, including rain gardens, vegetated swales, and a suit of porous pavements were showcased throughout the park. Walking trails wind though the restored prairie to provide passive recreational opportunities. This unique park treats stormwater, provides environmental and historical education, and supports cultural and recreational opportunities.

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