Dredge Purchase 2012

On September 24th, the Shell Rock River Watershed District moved to fulfil a crucial step in its Water Management Plan by purchasing a dredge to remove sediments from Fountain Lake. The District purchased this 51 foot hydraulic dredge, together with the pumps and piping.

The purchased dredge cost $340,000 and the pumps, piping and other equipment necessary to pump the dredge material away from the lake site for $435,000. According to the District Administrator Brett Behnke, “The timing of the purchase of the dredge fits well with our Water Management Plan. We first focused on controlling the upstream sedimentation that is entering our lake system. Next, we worked to secure the bottom outlet at Albert Lea Lake. In fact, just days prior to our acquisition of the dredge, the Albert Lea Lake water control structure crossed a major threshold when it was recommended for $1.1 million in funding from Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council.”

Added Behnke, “Now that we have a dredge, we have made a clear statement that we are starting the nest step – sediment removal and lake restoration. While this process will continue to take a long time, we are thrilled to have taken this huge step in that direction.”

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